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Waste Disposal and Recycling

Commercial Services

As a commercial  property manager or owner, you can count on Meston Group for help achieving your green program goals.

We are leading the industry in providing unrivaled service, we can assess your operations, build integrated environmental service that will add value to your land interests, and support these efforts with precise and timely data tracking and reporting. At Meston Group, we have the resources, capabilities, and dedication to deliver on your green initiatives, your service expectations and your safety/legal regulatory requirements to your complete contentment 24/7.

Construction Services

We can formulate a complete environmental strategy so you can achieve sustainability goals without sacrificing financial objectives.

With a initiative to go green, and multiple subsidies for companies that do projects that are LEED certified, it makes sense to use a waste solutions provider that can help to get LEED points. With safety, time and budget being very important on construction projects we can guarantee that we supersede all safety regulations and standards and can provide container monitoring so that waste disposal and recycling never holds up a project.

Industrial Services

From individual facilities to complete operations, you can depend on Meston Group as your go to for customized solutions that deliver bottom-line results.

As the Peace Region's leading waste solutions provider, we're able to offer an unparalleled range of waste disposal and recycling solutions for any integrated business and compliance needs. Let us design and implement zero-waste initiatives that maximize your operation's materials value and minimize your overall environmental footprint. We have the resources to conduct initial sustainability audits through ongoing program implementation, we are leading the industry in best practices and advanced technologies to work to help you meet environmental and regulatory demands and business needs.

Oilfield Services

We understand the demands of the oilfield industry and we have equipment to handle the harshest weather conditions and capable people to provide unrivaled service. 

With customer specific innovative solutions, time-tested expertise and the reliability of a locally owned and operated company in the Peace Region, we are the superior waste solutions provider. We are leading the waste disposal and recycling industry in providing engineered safety mechanisms on our containers that make them user friendly.

Residential Services

Recycling one ton of paper saves 25 trees and 8,000 gallons of water.

When everyone works together, we can make the best use of our planet's natural resources. As the Peace Region's largest recycling company we offer a variety ways for recyclable products to have a new life instead of being thrown away, saving energy and helping reduce your carbon foot print in the process.